Because quality and experience matter.

A mountaineering pioneer himself, Fernando Grajales created the first Aconcagua guiding company. His outstanding legacy has been the driving force behind Grajales Expeditions throughout our 45 year trajectory.

Today, thanks to owning our entire infrastructure and having the very best team, we can provide a comprehensive yet flexible service platform to cater to your specific needs.

Whether on the Horcones Valley or the Vacas Valley routes, we can guarantee every link in the service chain that a summit-bound expedition demands. That’s what sets us apart.



Our team of mountain guides has been working together for many seasons. They look after each other in the field and share our culture of customer service orientation and continuous improvement; no one knows Aconcagua better than they do. All told, our 17 guides have climbed the mountain more than 600 times!


The assistance of porters to transport group gear from BC to High Camp, on all our guided expeditions. Most of them are guides or future guides, and have summited Aconcagua several times. Being able to climb with a lighter backpack improves your chances of reaching the summit!

Because we own all the infrastructure we work with, we have the advantage of:


We guarantee the availability of safe drinking water at all our camps. End-to-end safe drinking water (including water porters, if needed). This is an increasingly important issue, given the dramatic reduction of the glaciers and streams on Aconcagua.


The best base camps. From hot showers and nutritious, fresh food every day, prepared by professional chefs, free Internet, VHF radio, power supply, USB chargers, heated dining domes and safe gear storage.


After years of trial and error we’ve developed an exclusive system that guarantees effective communication 24/7 anywhere on the mountain.


Comprehensive logistics center at Penitentes. We manage the camps and handle communications right here on the mountain, rather than from an office 200 kms away. We provide lockers, safe storage, properly licensed vehicles and reliable drivers. Safe, on time, nothing gets lost.


Our 140 mules make sure that your gear gets to base camp safely and on time. They may not be the most glamorous creatures, but they are a key factor in any successful trip and we look after them well.


Our service includes 24/7 assistance in Mendoza, with hotels, gear, permits and evacuations.

+45 years
More than 45 years leading the way in Aconcagua
3 routes
Three Aconcagua routes operated every season
600 summits
Over 600 Aconcagua summits is the collective experience of our guides

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