Day 1 > Arrival in Mendoza (760 m / 2,493 ft). Our driver will pick you up at the airport and take you directly to the Diplomatic Hotel downtown. After checking into your room, you can relax or explore the many sidewalk cafes of the city. Your guide will contact you to confirm the next day’s schedule.

Day 2 > Packing and permits in Mendoza. The team and the guides get to know each other. Activities such as gear check, permit procedures and equipment sorting and packing are carried out on this day. Reminder: you’ll need two large duffle bags and an expedition backpack.

Day 3 > Mendoza – Penitentes – Horcones – Confluencia Camp. (3.390 m/ 11,300 ft). Private transfer from Mendoza to our warehouse in Penitentes. (there are lockers and storage place available for our guests). You can have coffee and snacks while the guides get the mule loads ready. Another 15 minutes ride takes the team to Horcones. This is the trailhead and also where the Park rangers will check everybody’s permits. An easy hike (carrying only a daypack) leads to Confluencia, the first camp of the Horcones Valley routes. / 3-4 hs

Day 4 > Confluencia – South Face viewpoint (4.050 m / 13,287 ft). We take a detour to admire the imposing South face of Mt. Aconcagua. The main objective of the day is acclimatization. After a 7-hour hike we spend the night back at Confluencia. / 6-7 hs

Day 5 > Confluencia rest and acclimatization day. A good opportunity to get ready for the challenge ahead.

Day 6 > Confluencia – Plaza de Mulas (4.350 m / 14,500 ft). After a demanding 8-hour hike, arriving at Base Camp feels like a reward. Our camp manager and crew will greet you like one of the family. A hot shower before a hearty dinner, or free internet access to stay in touch with your loved ones, are just some of the treats at our “home away from home”.

Day 7 > Rest day at Plaza de Mulas. Sleep in your tent, read in the dining tent or try the yoga mats in our heated lounge tent; but whatever you do, get hydrated.

Day 8 > Cerro Bonete trek (5.004 m / 16,417 ft). An acclimatization hike to the neighboring Cerro Bonete: an awesome view of the West Face of Aconcagua and a 5.000 mt peak bagged. / 6-7 hs.

Day 9 > Gear carry to Plaza Canadá (5.050 m / 16,568 ft). The team climbs to the first high camp to carry part of the gear and then returns to Plaza de Mulas. / 4-5 hs.

Day 10 > Rest day at Plaza de Mulas. Treat yourself to a hot shower (a reward after completing the first stage of the climb).

Day 11 > Plaza de Mulas – Plaza Canadá (5.050 m / 16,568 ft). The team leaves base camp and moves to the first altitude camp. First step of the altitude stage. / 2 1⁄2 to 3 1⁄2 hs.

Day 12 > Plaza Canadá – Nido de Cóndores (5.560 m / 18,241 ft). The team moves to the second camp (expect to carry an 18 to 22 kg backpack). / 4-5 hs.

Day 13 > Nido de Cóndores – Cólera (last camp · 5.970 m / 19,586 ft). The team moves to the highest camp of the trip. You’ll have dinner at almost 6.000 m. It’s higher than most places on Earth! / 2 1⁄2 to 3 1⁄2 hs.

Day 14 > Summit day! (6.960 m / 22,837 ft). We leave early to get the most of the (long) day. You will be carrying a very light backpack (water, snacks, some clothing, camera). / 8-12 hs.

Day 15 > Extra weather day. To secure the success of the expedition we have added two additional summit days in case of bad weather.

Day 16 > Extra weather day.

Day 17 > Cólera – Plaza de Mulas. Back to the comfort of base camp
and a well-deserved celebration dinner. / 2-4 hs.

Day 18 > Plaza de Mulas – Horcones – Penitentes – Mendoza. The hike out takes approximately 7 hours. Most of the gear goes in the mules, so you walk light. From the trailhead at Horcones, our van drives you to Mendoza, after picking up the gear at Penitentes. Hotel check-in, end of the program. / 7-8 hs + 3-4 hour drive.



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