Day 1
Arrival in Mendoza (760 m / 2,493 ft). Our driver will pick you up at the airport, and take you to Diplomatic Hotel.. After checking into your room, you can relax or explore the many sidewalk cafes of the city. Your guide will contact you to see about the next day’s schedule.

Day 2
Transfer in private vehicles from Mendoza to Los Penitentes, where the group will spend the night at a lodge (2,580 m/8,465 ft). In this small mountain village is where we have our warehouse and where the loads for the mules are prepared. / 3 hs drive 

Day 3
Penitentes – Punta de Vacas (trailhead) – Pampa de Leñas camp (2.950 m/ 9,678 ft). After breakfast, we drive ten minutes to Punta de Vacas. We get our climbing permits stamped at the ranger station and begin the approach to base camp. After a 4-5 hour hike along Río de las Vacas we arrive at our first camp, Pampa de Leñas, where we enjoy a genuine asado criollo (Gaucho BBQ). For the entire hike to BC you will be carrying a day pack with only the necessary essentials. The mules take care of the heavy loads. / 4-5 hs drive

Day 4
Pampa de Leñas – Casa de Piedra (3,240 m/10,630 ft). Hike to Casa de Piedra, our second approach camp. Great view of the Polish Glacier, and the Eastern Face of Aconcagua as we arrive to the camp. / 6 hs

Day 5
Casa de Piedra – Plaza Argentina base camp (4,190 m/13,746 ft.). We follow the trail up the Relinchos Valley to Plaza Argentina. Our base camp chef greets us with a hearty dinner in a comfy dining tent: the perfect reward after the hardest day of the approach. / 6-7 hs

Day 6
Plaza Argentina. Rest day at base camp. Sleeping, reading in the dining tent or trying the yoga mats in our heated lounge tent; whatever you do, get hydrated!

Day 7
Plaza Argentina – Camp 1 – Plaza Argentina (4,800 m/ 15,748 ft). With the trek to BC and the first stage of acclimatization completed, the climb itself begins carrying gear to camp 1. After catching equipment, food, and gas, we return to base camp. / 5 hs

Day 8
Plaza Argentina. Rest day at Base Camp.

Day 9
Plaza Argentina – Camp 1 (4.800m/ 15,748 ft). The team leaves BC behind and moves to camp 1 with the remaining gear. Our porters will carry the tents and other common gear, the climbers carry their own gear and their share of the common gear if needed (expect to carry a 18-22 kg backpack). / 4-5 hs

Day 10
Camp 1 – Camp 2 – Camp 1 (5350m/ 18,143 ft). Gear carry to camp 2, called “The Chopper Camp”, towards the Guanacos Valley side (North). Astonishing view of Mt. Mercedario and other peaks of the La Ramada massif. Return to C1. / 5-6 hs

Day 11
Rest day at camp 1 (4.800m/ 15,748 ft).

Day 12
Camp 1 – Camp 2 (5.486m / 18,000 ft). Move to camp 2. / 4-5 hs 

Day 13
Camp 2 – Cólera (last high camp) (5.970 m / 19,586 ft). We move to our last high camp, from where we will attempt the summit. / 4-5 hs

Day 14
Summit day! (6.962m – 22,841 ft). We leave early to get the most of the (long) day. You will be carrying a very light backpack (water, snacks, some clothing, camera). / 8-12 hs.

Day 15
Extra weather day. To secure the success of the expedition we have added two additional summit days in case of bad weather.

Day 16
Extra weather day.

Day 17
Camp 3 – Plaza de Mulas Base Camp (4.350 m / 14,271 ft). We continue our circumnavigation of Aconcagua by descending via the northwest side of the mountain to the lively BC of the Normal Route. Celebration dinner in dining tents with tables and chairs.

Day 18
Plaza de Mulas – Horcones – Penitentes. The hike out takes approximately 6-7 hours. All your gear goes down by mules, so you walk light. From the trailhead at Horcones we drive to Mendoza, after picking up the gear at Penitentes. Hotel check-in. End of the program. / 6-7 hs + 3-4 hs drive. 



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