Ilan Zeimer

After 20 years in the mountain climbing world I have successfully summited Mt. Aconcagua (6,959 meters) 58 times, guided on 3 continents and worked with clients from all over the world and all walks of life. I have also designed and led bespoke climbing and biking trips in several parts of Latin America. Mountaineering and mountain guiding has honed my problem solving skills, logistical planning and execution, group dynamics sensibility and most of all patience and empathy to each clients’ needs in conditions that are very often outside of their comfort zone.

Aconcagua: cuatro claves para un entrenamiento exitoso

“La cumbre es la frutilla del postre, la clave de una expedición al Aconcagua es vivir a pleno el día a día.” Como guías y como empresa, esa es la filosofía que transmitimos a nuestros huéspedes. Y si bien alcanzar la cima es ‘opcional’, una preparación adecuada puede ser la diferencia entre una experiencia inolvidable […]

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Training for Aconcagua
Why and How

We always communicate to our guests that reaching the summit is really the icing on the cake; make sure to enjoy all the layers. But being adequately prepared for a summit attempt is the difference between an unforgettable experience and one you’d rather forget (not to mention, much safer as well). The icing is delicious […]

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Aconcagua, slow and steady wins the race

Mountaineering training tips from Training for the New Alpinism By Ilan Zeimer > A lead guide at Grajales Expeditions with 50 Aconcagua summits under his belt. When he is not guiding in the Andes he is mountain biking and trail running in the hills outside Mendoza. For years now, I have preached to each of […]

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