After 40 years in business we are proud to be the first company providing services in Mt. Aconcagua, supplying fine assistance for demanding climbers and some of the most prestigious guiding companies.


The use of mules to carry gear to the base camps is a long-time tradition at Aconcagua. We operate with our 120+ mules and horses to precise, punctual, and safe delivery of the gear. Each mule carries a maximum load of 60 kg, which is distributed in two bundles of 30 kg or in three bundles of 20 kg. Our muleteers have been employed by the company for years and they take really good care of the animals.

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Base Camp

Having a good camp service is a priority to succeed at Aconcagua. An optimal combination of good nutrition, rest, and proper hydration is key to sustain the high energy level demanded by a big mountain like this – an average mountaineer consumes close to 10,000 calories during summit day.
Our camps – located in Confluencia (3,390 m), Plaza de Mulas (4,350 m) and Plaza Argentina (4,190 m) – work throughout the climbing season. They are designed to be highly efficient, yet peaceful spots where you can relax and get personalized services. We provide free load reception, gear storage, bathrooms, and HF/VHF radio for our clients.
We are proud to offer state of the art meals at more than 4,000 m altitude. Our professional chefs serve three gourmet meals (cereal, pasta, fresh meat, veggies, and fruit) every day. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are offered in dining tents that have heat and electricity (upon request).
We also provide lunch boxes for ascent days and reception snacks every time the expedition arrives at a camp. We offer vegetarian and gluten-free menus, and are ready to accommodate other special diet requests.

“My buddy an I climbed in mid January and used only the mules and base camp catering services. The experience we had at basecamp was awesome! The ladies in the cook tent were wonderful and the food was so much better than I ever thought I could have at 14,000+ feet! We didn’t use any porter services, but I talked with a few of the porters who were working their asses off carrying stuff for others…and they were doing a phenomenal job! (…) All in all, a wonderful experience. The mountain was great, but the people we met were definitely the highlight of our climb. Thank you! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”

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