Having a good base camp service is key to succeed at Aconcagua.

After 40 years in business we are proud to be the first company providing services in Mt. Aconcagua, supplying fine assistance for demanding climbers and some of the most prestigious guiding companies.



Having a good camp is a key factor to succeed in Aconcagu. A proven recipe for acclimatization is the combination of enough time for the body to adjust, good nutrition, good hydration, and good quality rest. Our camps – located in Confluencia (3,390 m), Plaza de Mulas (4,350 m) and Plaza Argentina (4,190 m) – work throughout the climbing season. They are designed to be highly efficient, yet peaceful spots where you can relax and get personalized services.

What sets us apart:

Professional chefs serve three meals a day, in domes complete with electricity and heating. Our chefs also cater for vegetarian, gluten free and other special dietary needs.

Free WiFi and free hot showers for our guests.

At Confluencia we supply good quality drinking water using an exclusive reverse osmosis filter system. This lowers the water’s mineral content (often the cause of gastric problems).

The more comfortable dining tents: heated and floored, and equipped with power supply, tables, chairs and crockery.



Our “arrieros” perform a tough job, every day under any condition, but they always smile!. The use of mules to carry gear to the base camps is a long time tradition in Aconcagua. Each mule carries a total load of 60 kg. The best way to prepare the loads is in two pieces of 30 kg each, or three bags of 20 kg each.

What sets us apart:

We operate with our 140+ own mules and horses to guarantee precise, punctual delivery of your gear.

Our muleteers have been in the company for years and they take good care of the animals.

Grajales Expeditions - Base Camp & Gauchos
Grajales Expeditions - Base Camp & Gauchos
Grajales Expeditions - Base Camp & Gauchos
Grajales Expeditions - Base Camp & Gauchos
Grajales Expeditions - Base Camp & Guachos

From Our Clients

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  • We had an incredible trip on Aconcagua, and we absolutely couldn’t have done it without the exceptional service provided by Grajales Expeditions. Everybody we interacted with, from start to finish, was professional, friendly, and went out of their way to make our trip safe and successful. We got to Mendoza feeling nervous and overwhelmed, and we left three weeks later feeling like part of a family. We’ll be back!

    – Charlotte Austin

  • I wanted to express my profound gratitude for the amazing experience on Aconcagua that Grajales Expeditions provided. This expedition was first-class from beginning to end. (…) The facilities in Confluencia and Mulas were excellent and the food typically met restaurant standards, not simply expedition standards. The Grajales staff were always very friendly, accommodating, and professional. (…) Finally, the leadership of our expedition was outstanding. (…) The guides worked incredibly hard getting us up the mountain, providing food and water, and ensuring our best chances for success. Thank you!

    – James Simpson

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