A pioneering partnership between Grajales Expeditions and Bodegas Bianchi.

When you have spent two weeks looking at everything you ate and drank in terms of “carbs intake” and “proper hydration”, sitting down to a glass of fine wine can be liberating. If this happens in a roomy base camp tent (with table and chairs, no less), and you are celebrating the summit with your expedition mates, the occasion can be just perfect.

With moments like that in mind, we are happy to announce a pioneering partnership with Bodegas Bianchi, one of the best known wine producers in Argentina. The agreement allows Grajales Expeditions to offer the winery’s premium line of wines and sparklings, Famiglia Bianchi, at our base camps in Confluencia, Plaza de Mulas and Plaza Argentina.

It also opens the doors of the high-end winery Bodega Enzo Bianchi for our clients. The winery is located in Vista Flores, at the heart of the Valle de Uco, a region that has become world famous for its wines. With its beautiful fields of vineyards, lined by aged trees and framed by the Andes, the Uco Valley is a great option to relax after a demanding climb.

High mountains and good wines are Mendoza´s iconic images -and a natural pairing; After all, the cycle begins up there, in the pristine glaciers that become the streams and rivers that nurture the vineyards. With this innovative project we aim to go beyond the “postcard style” connection, by bringing both icons together: fine wines and good climbs.

We are particularly exited to work with Bodegas Bianchi, a company with a history we can relate to: A family-owned business, that managed to stay local in a global playground, with deep roots in the community and a deep love for the land. In the words of Adrián Cura, Marketing Manager of Bodegas Bianchi: “This partnership lets us be a part of the unique experience of climbing Aconcagua, an experience that is related to the ragged beauty of our land and to our identity, and that involves the drive to overcome challenges”.

[ Text: Nicolás García / Photos: Pablo Betancourt ]

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