Back in 1954, Fernando Grajales played a key role in the first Latin American expedition to the Himalaya. By then, he had already opened one of the first technical routes on Mt. Aconcagua. Twenty years later, the Mendocino climber also became a pioneer in the mountain business.
Grajales Expeditions, the small guiding company he founded, was granted the first official license to operate in Aconcagua. (In 1976, years before the mountain was protected by a State Park). 45 years have gone by, and we at Grajales Expeditions keep trying to follow Fernando’s lead, his love of nature and his clear, optimistic views. We are so proud of this legacy that we even published a book about his life: Breaking Trail on Aconcagua. We are now publishing the book as a free download, hoping to deliver a positive message in these times of global uncertainty.

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